This is a competition series created to have a fun, limited class in the LSD Series. The Texas Street Legal Rule Book was created not to make all cars equal, but to make all cars as reliable as possible. KISS ( keep it simple stupid ). So keep this in mind when reading the rule book, and instead of thinking about how to make your car more competitive with each modification, think about how to keep it as reliable as possible. For instance, say you pick a C6 Corvette. The car has plenty of power as it is, you don’t need a cam, headers, or power adders of any kind. Be super happy and excited that you picked an amazing car that has a great drivetrain and doesn’t need any changes! A 350Z is similar, you don’t need any engine changes with a 350Z to have a great time drifting! Each modification typically makes the car more unreliable anyways, resulting in less seat time, and more money spent off track!


  1. All cars must maintain the same engine that came in that chassis, or a world market engine from the same chassis. For example, a S13 240SX may have an SR20DET or KA24DE engine in the car, as the engines were used in the car in different world markets in the same generations.
  2. You may not change to aftermarket fuel injectors, and you may not increase the size of the injectors through modifications. SR20DET fuel injectors from the S13, S14, S15 motors all are considered stock in the S-Chassis. Both VQ35DE and VQ35HR injectors can be interchanged in 350Z.
  3. You may not add forced induction to a non forced induction car, and you may not use forced induction on any V8 or larger engine ( even if the V8 engine came from the factory FI ). You may not add nitrous. You may not add race gas or E85. Nothing rated higher than 93 octane may be used.
  4. All cars must have 300 or higher rated tread wear rear tires. No race tires allowed.
  5. All cars must have full weld in or bolt in cages, unless otherwise specified. You may not remove factory door crash protection. Cars that are allowed to run without full cages are: 350Z/G35, SN197 + Mustangs, E46 + BMW. Texas Motor Speedway requires all competition and tandem cars to have full cages however, due to high speeds and possible impacts. Roll cages will be full cages with door bars, front and rear down bars, main halo, halo diagonal, proper welding and mounts. Convertibles must have full weld in cages built in accordance of Formula D Pro 2 regulations. All door bars must be welded in.
  6. All cars must have a small fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver.
  7. Seats must be very securely mounted, stock seat belts may be used if they work properly with the seat. If harnesses are used they must be attached properly through a harness bar which is integral to the cage. Please search YouTube for how to use a harness and harness bar correctly.
  8. All drivers must have a rated SN2010 or higher full face helmet.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse or allow anything in tech, please remember this. This includes obvious things like no missing lug nuts, suspension play, battery tie down, etc. It extends to anything at all which we think is dangerous.
  10. No fuel cells are allowed in TXSL, stock fuel tanks only.
  11. Corvettes must retain factory headers.
  12. Specific cars have been given verbal grandfathering in the rule book for various reasons because they existed previously, and will continued to be allowed if given verbal permission. Each of these cars does not need to be written into the rule book. Specific examples of this are just a couple IS300 with 1JZ VVTI stock engine packages, which are the equivalent of a JZX100 replica. But we don’t need to complicate the rule book with specific stuff like this that was previously allowed and then deleted from the rule book.

Texas Street Legal ( TXSL )

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