So you want to drive in the Lone Star Drift Series?!?! Welcome to one of the longest running and rowdiest drift series in the USA! Here we are going to cover the basics. The LSD Series is home to pretty much unlimited class drift cars, and some of the best drivers around. Seat time is very important to us, as well as having fun. Drift events are a balancing act between reasonable technical requirements to keep everyone as safe as possible, while letting budget minded drivers get as much seat time as possible and experience as much freedom on track as possible. Drivers are responsible for acting responsibly.



1. All competition cars must have a full weld in cage based upon Formula D specifications. anti-intrusion bars are not mandatory yet, but they are encouraged on all new cage builds. SFI rated padding must be installed anywhere the driver’s head can contact the cage in an accident.

2. Seats and Harnesses. Seats must be quality, sturdy bucket seats. They must be securely and well mounted. Harnesses must be properly mounted 5 or 6 point. We reserve the right to fail any harness or bucket seat combo.

3. The interior of the car must be clean of debris and anything dangerous. No fluids may be routed within the vehicle except for a hydro hand brake. If your vehicle has a fuel cell, the interior of the car may not be open to the fuel cell, a fire wall must be constructed. Any large holes in the front/rear fire wall must be closed. There must be a fire extinguisher mounted within easy reach of the driver that can be quickly accessed in an emergency. The exterior of your car cannot have any sharp items protruding, such as and not limited to exhaust tips. Exhaust may not extend past the rear bumper. Exhaust must exit behind the rear bumper.

4. Rear tires must be non semi slick tires, no racing tires. Nothing larger than a 285 tire is allowed. Nothing lower than a 300 TW rating.

5. Helmets must be SA2010 or M2010 or higher rated, and free of any damage. We encourage SA2010 or higher, but we do allow M2010 or higher rated.

6. LSD reserves the right to refuse any car in tech, for any reason. Common reason are missing lug nuts, battery tie downs, loose seats, improperly mounted belts, etc. We will try and help you resolve the issues and we want you on track, but at the same time we want to keep an excellent safety record and want all of our drivers and spectators to be safe.

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